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Tractor/Implement Tires

At Centex Direct Wholesale, we are proud to provide farm tractor tires to farmers like you. Your farm equipment depends on sturdy, reliable tires. Our selection features many brands and options depending on the vehicle. 

What Are Farm Tires?

Farm tires are characterized by quality craftsmanship, unique tread designs, and excellent durability. Agricultural work demands sturdy tires that can grip soil and support the heavy weight of tractors and other farming vehicles. Your farm tractor tires will be put through all types of terrain, and our stock of agricultural tires are all certified high performing tires.

Shop Our Selection of Farm Tires

Our farm tires feature:

  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Improved durability
  • Better traction


To fulfill your farming needs, our store stocks top AG tire brands for various agricultural applications. If you’re new to the agricultural community or simply unsure of the best tires for your tractor, harvester, or other AG vehicle, we invite you to chat with our sales staff. From large volume tires to wide section tires and increased flexion tires to high flotation tires, there’s a lot to learn, and our knowledgeable team is here to help.

When cracks begin forming on your front or rear tractor tires, it’s time for replacements.

  • Multi-rib tire design for flotation on farm implements and wagons 
  • Tubeless tire 
  • Multi-ripped tire for free rolling agricultural wheels
  • Featuring shock fortified nylon cord body and high density rubber
  • Reduces downtime and makes “no-till” no problem
  • Three rib design for all types of farming conditions 
  • Tubeless tire 
  • Wide, 3 rib, self cleaning tread design
  • High density rubber compounds
  • Provides excellent protection against stubble related wear
  • Four rib design for all types of farming conditions
  • Tubeless tire 
  • Multi-rib design for flotation
  • Great for farm equipment, wagons, tanks, carts
  • Tubeless tire 
  • Heavy grooved ribs
  • Extra wide design
  • Deep tread depth 
  • Tough tire developed to withstand rugged terrains
  • Designed for long lasting service in tough conditions 
  • Increased footprint to minimize soil compaction
  • Increased number of lugs vs. Traction field and road for better wear and ride
  • More lugs than our traction field & road for better road wear and ride 
  • Optimal traction level
  • Special tread pattern for excellent self-cleaning capacity
    Damage resistant rubber


Someone will respond to your request as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you.