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Trailer Tires

Need tires for your trailer? We’ve got ‘em at Centex Direct Wholesale. Whatever your trailer hauls, we’ve got the right tires to keep the fun coming.

We’ve got trailer tires for all types of vehicles and all different load ratings. We stock trailer tires from great brands like Transeagle, Synergy, Gladiator, Hankook, Lancaster and Mastertrack


Like many people, you might not realize just how many vehicles use trailer tires. We have trailer tires for a variety of vehicles, and some may surprise you.

  • Motorcycle Trailers
  • Horse Trailers
  • Boat Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Camper Trailers
  • RV Trailers
  • And More!

We have a selection of popular brand name tires to help find the exact tire match you need. 


Trailer tires control stability when you’re towing any type of trailer or object. These tires accommodate higher levels of inflation in order to handle varying load capacities.

Caring for your trailer tires is critical to preserving their life. The average trailer tire can be expected to last from 5,000-12,000 miles. Make sure you are using only the recommended levels of inflation. Don’t take your trailer over 65 MPH on the highway. Increased highway speeds are the number 1 cause of trailer tire failure.

Proper storage is another key component of trailer tire preservation. Always store them in cool, dark place when they’re not in use. It is best to cover them to protect them from sun damage as well. When you’re not using the trailer, put it on blocks or use wheel chocks to take the weight off of the tires. This will help prevent them from going flat (and keep your frustration levels low).

Our team is here to help you find trailer tires. We’ll help you find the best combination of performance and durability. You won’t have to blow your budget, either. Call us today for quality trailer and camper tires.


Commercial Truck/Bus, Medium-Duty Truck, All-Steel Tire Suitable for Trailer Position/All-Position Service. 
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Synergy MTR Tire Limited Warranty
  • For reduced fuel consumption
  • Long life, low cost per mile 


Highway terrain, all season tire with extended tread life
  • Handling – ribbed patterns maintained road contact upgrades the steering responsiveness and driving stability. 
  • Durability – reinforced steel belt construction enhances the load and driving durability without allowing the shape to deform
  • Longer Tread Life – symmetric ribbed tread design upgrades the length of the tread life 


Recreational trailer tire/light industrial trailer tire.
  • Advanced tread resists cracking from weather exposure 
  • Approved for highway speeds 
  • Strength and stability 


  • Special tread compound 
  • Optimal tread contact for slow wear
  • Durable service


Radial trailer position truck tire
Designed for spread axle, low flatbeds and specialty trailers
  • Special rubber compound
  • Abrasion resistant tread
  • Deep grooves
  • Generates less heat
  • Offers better tread wear
  • Provides good control for all terrain types 


Highway-terrain, all-season tire manufactured for special trailers. 
  • All weather traction
  • Enhanced Controllability
  • Towing Durability 


All weather traction
Enhanced controllability
Damage resistance 
Quicker and more precise in its response to towing. 
Easy handling, making the towing vehicles job easier. 


Dependable radial tire that is perfect for carrying the load on utility trailers, boat trailers and recreational vehicles. 
All steel provides high-class strength and handling


Great traction in wet conditions 
Shallow tread designated to reduce rolling resistance
Unique tread wall grooves help reduce irregular wear and improved traction


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